Watched Cars (The Movie)

Watched Cars last night. Its a wonderful movie. Most of the time I almost forgot it was an animation movie with talking cars and trucks. It felt so real, the emotions and the expressions of each of the character were very near real. Pixar has done a great job. The movie is still at 6th position on the US Box Office, 7 weeks after it’s release.


Reading ‘Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!’

Last weekend was like one of those weekends when you just don’t feel like going out or doing anything. I stayed at home almost whole of the weekend, except for the time when I went out to have my meals. So, What was I doing at home for two days? Sleeping and reading.

Read around 85% for the book, ‘Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!’. It’s a nice biographical book, full of anecdotes from the life of Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feyman. The book has many incidents that reflect the sheers brilliance of this man, and quite a few incidences, where he just got lucky. A very entertaining book. He had a different (very interesting) perspective of looking things. At lot of places, I had to stop reading to think and analyze the ideas in the book.

Ban on Blogs lifted

Democracy is good.

After much of the protest from various Bloggers, individuals and groups; and the pressure from media, Indian government has finally lifted the ban from the Blogs and other sites, which were blocked a few days back (July, 13th-20th 2k6). The actual number of sites indented to be blocked seems be 17 and not 2500, as in my previous post.

The good thing about democracy is that there is a mechanism by which people can protest and raise questions against government decisions.

CNN IBN link for the story

Blogging sites blocked in India

The Indian government seems to be adopting the Chinese policy of banning the sites, which it feels are anti-nation. It seems that the ISPs in India has been directed to block around 2500 (undisclosed) Sites and Blogs. And most ISPs going the Hanuman way, have blocked whole domain (like *, instead of just blocking the particular Blogs. Funny, it may sound but I feel it’s a serious matter. There have been protests from many Bloggers.


Read more about it at Mridula’s Blog, and Google Goups


Easiest way to get your name in Firefox code

The World Firefox Day, is around (15th Sep’06 ), and there is an excellent publicity trick going on. You can get your name in the Firefox (FF) code, all you need to do is to recommend Firefox to someone, and if (s)he downloads it, than your name and the name of person whom you recommended FF will be added on the Firefox Friends Wall and in Firefox 2.

Quote from the site “Use your power to seal the deal – call, message or cajole them! Whatever it takes, just make sure they download.”

Watched Garfield (The movie)

Watched Garfield (Movie) over the weekend. Not a great movie, but if you are a Garfield fan, the movie is bearable. The Jon’s character is lot more smarter than as in the comic strip, and for a change he finally gets a girlfriend at the end of the movie.

Next in watch list is Elephants Dream (read about it at wikipedia), this animated movie is made using open and free (as in freedom) softwares. The reviews are not too encouraging, but I think I can still give it a try.

Ahmm…Hello World !!! (take 3)

This is my third attempt to blogging. Previous two attempts were more or less misguided and went into, a not very appropriate direction. As always, it’s never too late to start afresh. So, here’s a new beginning.

I will try to keep this blog very light, and this time I won’t be writing too much personal stuff. Also, I would try to keep the posts short and interesting.
Happy Reading!