Freakonomics & ON@TCC

Read these two books recently.

Freakonomics: The book starts wonderfully, asking some very interesting questions like, “What is common between School teachers and Sumo wrestlers?”, “Which is more dangerous; a pool or a gun ?” and “Why do crack-cocaine dealers stay with their moms ?” The first four chapters (of a total six) are interesting and engaging, but the last two chapter which deals with the topics like ‘the negligible effects of good parenting on education’, and ‘the socioeconomic patterns of naming children’ didn’t interest me much. The book, as a whole, is a nice read, gives an insight on how significant can be Information Control (with examples of Ku Klux Klan and real-estate agents). I appreciate this work by Mr. Steven Levitt and co-author Stephen J. Dubner.

One Night @ the Call Center: I borrowed a copy of the book ‘One Night @ the Call Center’ from a friend long back. The book was lying with me for quite sometime, I just couldn’t find interest to read it. Anyway, one night after I reached home past midnight, I picked this book up, and read first 60 pages. The book seems to be interesting, quite like the first book (Five Point Someone) by Mr. Chetan Bhagat. But, at the end of it there was not be much to gain, except for the fun of reading it. It’s very much like Bollywood’s masala movies, fun to watch but very little to gain in terms of knowledge.


Blank Calls and missed calls from unfamiliar numbers

Lately I have been getting some missed calls and blank calls from unknown numbers. The landline numbers were easy to locate as I know the STD code for Pune is 022. In an effort to locate the mobile numbers from which I was getting these calls I tried to search the mobile number series on the net. I found the following link, which gives a state wise list of mobile number series.

I searched and Voila! 98506 is an Idea Cellular MSC code for Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai). It’s easy now, as the only other city in Maharashtra, where there could be someone knowing me is Pune. BTW, are there s/w companies in any other city of Maharashtra apart from Mumbai and Pune? Well, yes, Nagpur has some…but there’s very rare chance that someone who knows me would be in Nagpur (for there are very few companies there, and the ones that are there are quite smaller ones, besides I don’t remember any of my friend, or friend’s friend or anyone in distant knowledge of mine moving to Nagpur).

So, Pune it is. Now I have to figure out, who it is this time? and Why ?

Sair kar duniya ki Galib…

Read this sher by Mira Galib, somewhere

Sair kar duniya ki galib, yeh zindagani phir kahan
zingagani gar rahi tou , naujawani phir kaha…..

…and I feel like going out somewhere, may be for just a weekend, may not be too far, but I just want to go out somewhere. It’s been quite sometime since I am in Bangalore now, and I haven’t been to Mysore yet, forget about the other nice places around like Nandi Hill and Bandipur. Gosh…why do I find myself so tied up…

So much to do and so less the time is,
so much to See and so less the time is…

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Cough & Cold

Spent most of my last Friday and the weekend on bed. The changing Bangalore weather had its effect on me and I caught cough and cold. On Friday, I was in office for just 3 hours, went home and slept most of the day. But soon got bored so, bought some movie CD’s to watch while I was restricted to bed. ‘Conspiracy theory(Mel Gibson and the Julia Roberts) and Tom Hanks’ animated Christmas movie ‘Polar Express’ were the ones that I watched. Also read the second book by Chetan Bhagat, ‘One Night @ Call Center’.

On Friday and throughout weekend I got so many advices from my well-wishers on what to eat, what not to eat, which medicine to take and which is a good doctor around etc. Some people went a step ahead and tried to analyze what could be the reason for my catching cough and cold. The reasons they came up with include

  1. Working late nights and coming out of AC at night when it’s too cold outside.
  2. Eating lot of curd.
  3. Changing weather of Bangalore.
  4. Proximity of someone who has cold, and got virus from him.
  5. Lack of proper / regular eating habit.
  6. Having my cubical right below the AC duct.

…and among the advices that I got, most common ones are

  1. Take a Paracitamole.
  2. Take some B-Complex (on asking about the name, no one was sure which is the right one, but they were sure, I should take some B-Complex)
  3. See a doctor.

Anyway this is Monday afternoon and I am fit-to-fight. Thanks everyone for being so nice and caring.

Altec Lansing ATP3 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Brought an Altec Lansing Speaker set last weekend. The performance is decent enough and it’s moderately priced. I got it for 2.8K INR from the SP Road, Bangalore. The features that I like the most is it’s sleek design, and the 3-inch bass driver gives a good output at normal volume, but at very high volume, you can hear the quality breaking away.

Fair enough performance for an average size living room, unless you are not an audiophile.

x86 is here…

Well actually in a different sense. I mean the x86 processors have been around for long. But I am talking about the dates. Today is 2nd July 2006 or 2/8/6, tomorrow 3/8/6 and the day after 4/8/6. Interesting dates 🙂

Book and Movie

Book : Finished reading the book ‘Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!’ and I am impressed by the life of Richard Feynman. Apart from being a great Mathematician and a Nobel prize winning physicist, Feyman was able to find time to do so much more, like

  • Learned to play musical instrument, he even participated in a Brazilian carnival.
  • He learned painting, and soon he had a solo exhibition and was selling his paintings.
  • He played/composed drums music for a dance group.
  • He learned Spanish.
  • He went to Japan.

He’s a life story is very inspiring, I feel I too would be able to do all I want to do.

Movie: Also watched, the Hindi movie ‘Omakara’. It’s based on Shakespeare’s Othello. I won’t talk more about it, as I didn’t like the movie much.