Book and Movie

Book : Finished reading the book ‘Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!’ and I am impressed by the life of Richard Feynman. Apart from being a great Mathematician and a Nobel prize winning physicist, Feyman was able to find time to do so much more, like

  • Learned to play musical instrument, he even participated in a Brazilian carnival.
  • He learned painting, and soon he had a solo exhibition and was selling his paintings.
  • He played/composed drums music for a dance group.
  • He learned Spanish.
  • He went to Japan.

He’s a life story is very inspiring, I feel I too would be able to do all I want to do.

Movie: Also watched, the Hindi movie ‘Omakara’. It’s based on Shakespeare’s Othello. I won’t talk more about it, as I didn’t like the movie much.

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