Cough & Cold

Spent most of my last Friday and the weekend on bed. The changing Bangalore weather had its effect on me and I caught cough and cold. On Friday, I was in office for just 3 hours, went home and slept most of the day. But soon got bored so, bought some movie CD’s to watch while I was restricted to bed. ‘Conspiracy theory(Mel Gibson and the Julia Roberts) and Tom Hanks’ animated Christmas movie ‘Polar Express’ were the ones that I watched. Also read the second book by Chetan Bhagat, ‘One Night @ Call Center’.

On Friday and throughout weekend I got so many advices from my well-wishers on what to eat, what not to eat, which medicine to take and which is a good doctor around etc. Some people went a step ahead and tried to analyze what could be the reason for my catching cough and cold. The reasons they came up with include

  1. Working late nights and coming out of AC at night when it’s too cold outside.
  2. Eating lot of curd.
  3. Changing weather of Bangalore.
  4. Proximity of someone who has cold, and got virus from him.
  5. Lack of proper / regular eating habit.
  6. Having my cubical right below the AC duct.

…and among the advices that I got, most common ones are

  1. Take a Paracitamole.
  2. Take some B-Complex (on asking about the name, no one was sure which is the right one, but they were sure, I should take some B-Complex)
  3. See a doctor.

Anyway this is Monday afternoon and I am fit-to-fight. Thanks everyone for being so nice and caring.

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