Blank Calls and missed calls from unfamiliar numbers

Lately I have been getting some missed calls and blank calls from unknown numbers. The landline numbers were easy to locate as I know the STD code for Pune is 022. In an effort to locate the mobile numbers from which I was getting these calls I tried to search the mobile number series on the net. I found the following link, which gives a state wise list of mobile number series.

I searched and Voila! 98506 is an Idea Cellular MSC code for Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai). It’s easy now, as the only other city in Maharashtra, where there could be someone knowing me is Pune. BTW, are there s/w companies in any other city of Maharashtra apart from Mumbai and Pune? Well, yes, Nagpur has some…but there’s very rare chance that someone who knows me would be in Nagpur (for there are very few companies there, and the ones that are there are quite smaller ones, besides I don’t remember any of my friend, or friend’s friend or anyone in distant knowledge of mine moving to Nagpur).

So, Pune it is. Now I have to figure out, who it is this time? and Why ?

7 Responses to “Blank Calls and missed calls from unfamiliar numbers”

  1. Dhoom Says:

    Helped me lot thanks


  2. rakhi Says:

    Wonderful site

    but not so helpful all number are not avilable

  3. vikas verma Says:

    i want contect no. of WE CARE FOR YOU

  4. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  5. amberp Says:

    @ Dhoom

    @ Rakhi
    True, It does not have ALL the series of number.

    @ Vikas
    Sorry I can’t help in the matter.

    @ Maximus
    I too would love to continue on the topic, but unfortunately things got a little more private later, and as per my resolution of not make any sentimental/personal/private/emotional post I can’t proceed. But rest assured the matter was resolved appropriately and nobody got hurt.

  6. Shubh Says:

    I used the site … and was quite happy with that … but today I find to my Dismay … 404 Error, the page is not found 😦

  7. Jeremy Says:

    022 is not Pune. It is Mumbai

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