Pearl Valley trip

On 1st October we went to Muthyala Maduvu (a.k.a Pearl Valley). The place is around 40 KMs from Bangalore. It has a waterfall (although, we didn’t found much water in it, but it seems it should be in all its splendor in the rainy season). Anyway, here’s the whole story.

We started lazily at around 11 in the morning. We took a bus to Attibele from the Silk Board junction, in Bangalore. The bus was the typical private bus with a DVD player in it. During our journey on NH7, that lasted an hour, they were showing some Kannada movie on it, which kept on getting struck every now and then. We got down at Attibele, and there was a clear sign there saying Anekal 11 KM on right. We were lucky to get another bus to Anekal, from here almost in no time. (We were told that the frequency of buses to Anekal is very less). We were expecting bad roads on this stretch from Attibele to Anekal, but were surprised to see that the road was in very good condition.

Anekal is a small town, but looking at the houses and shops, it was clear that the standard of living there was pretty good. Pearl valley was just 6 KMS from here. It was almost lunchtime, so we decided to first have a lunch before moving on further. We found couple of small restaurants around, but the hygiene level wasn’t too good in most of them. After roaming around for some time, we settled for a small restaurant for the lunch.

Now, getting to Pearl valley, from here was a bit difficult. The only option was to take an auto, but the auto-drivers here too (like in Bangalore) were very rude. They were demanding Rs.120 for that 6 KMs of journey. Finally, after rejecting couple of offers, we settled on a offer in which, we were to pay Rs.180 for a to-and-fro journey, including a waiting time of 2 hours at the pearl valley. The road at this last stretch was terrible.

The pearl valley is small valley, between two mountains. We descended the hill, where the auto dropped us, expecting to see some nice waterfall. But, we found a small waterfall with very little water in it. Still, some people had enthu to get into the knee-deep water. None of us were interested in getting into that water. So, we left the people and the monkeys (yes, there were lot of them on the trees around, looking for food dropped by the visitors) back and did a bit of tracking on the mountain on the other side. The path, it seems, was less traveled and was a bit slippery. The view from this side was very good, with all the greenery, and several mountains at the backdrop. I was now very much missing my camera.

The return trip was quite the same. Just that this time we got a direct bus from Anekal to Bangalore.

Looking for more info about this place, I stumbled upon how this place got it’s name. The water from the waterfalls bounces when they hit the rocks, and the small droplets in the sunlight shines like a pearl. This gets this place the name Muthyala Madu. And a feeble English translation of which is pearl valley. Muthu, is pearls in Kannada, and Madu is small lake.

Wikimapia link to Pearl Valley.

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