Nau Do Gyarah (Dev Anand) (1957)

Last night, I watched the movie, Nau Do Gyarah. One of my friends bought the DVD, and I wasn’t too sure whether I really want to watch it. But when I saw the songs listing on the DVD case, I was impressed. The movie has some good songs, including, “Ham hain raahi pyar ke, hamse kuchh na boliye” and “Ankhon mein kya ji, rupahla baadal”. And after all its a Dev Anand Movie, so thought, I will give it a try.

I liked the movie for its simplicity. The songs are good and the story is just ok. But, if I would be writing about the performances of the lead actors, then I won’t be writing good things. So, I would better avoid that, I hope you would have got the idea by now.

Today, I went to IMDB to check out more info about this movie, and was surprised to see the user rating as 9.5 out of 10. I know the world has decent number of Dev Anand fans, but I didn’t expect them to rate all his movies so high. Anyway, the songs are good. Mr. Burman, Kishor Kumar and Asha Bhonsle has done a fine job.

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