Hampi! here I come…

I am off to Hampi tomorrow morning for a 3 days trip.
We will gonna have lots of fun…


Madagascar (2005 movie)

Last night I again saw the hilarious movie “Madagascar“. Earlier I have seen this movie on Flight to Dubai. That time I missed some parts of it during the meals and watching a movie on a small screen on the front seat with poor resolution, along with a below average quality (read poor) headphone is not the best way to watch good movies.

So, last night I saw it again on DVD. It’s wonderful, hilarious, funny, entertaining, and it’s tooo good. I love all the scenes with those cute looking penguins (“Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.”). They run from the zoo to go to Antarctica. And ofcourse Alex is also too cute. The song, “I like to move it” is very good, and so is the birthday song:

“Happy Birthday to you;
You live in a zoo.
You look like a monkey;
And you smell like one too!”

Office Space

Last night I watched this comedy movie called, Office Space. It’s based on software industry in late nineties. The story is about a guy called Peter who works in a software company, Initech. Basically these guys are fixing the Y2K bug in banking software. The office environment that they have created is quite like Dilbert’s…with typical PHB kind of bosses, clueless consultants, frustrated programmers, pathetic infrastructure (those scenes with printer are my favorite), and full of waste and unnecessary paperwork and processes (like the TPS reports).

I just took a quiz “What Office Space character are you?” and to my surprise it said the following:

You’re a carefree kinda person. you’d gut a fish in
your cubical and still get promated. Way to go!
you just need to ditch the annoying girlfriend.”

LOL..I like it.

Marathon listening of Ronan Keating songs

I have been listening continuously to Ronan Keating‘s songs for last two day except for when I was asleep and when I went out for food. Now I remember many of his songs by heart. I just can’t stop listening to these beautiful songs. I don’t do such things often, but sometimes I just can’t resist being crazy ๐Ÿ™‚


Notting Hill

I was at Landmark (itโ€™s a Books, CDs, DVDs Shop) last weekend. While browsing through the DVDs, I saw a DVD of the movie ‘Notting Hill’ and for a moment I went back to Notting Hill, London. I felt as if it was yesterday when I was there. I still remember that fun filled, colorful Notting Hill carnival. It’s exactly a year today since I came back from UK, but still the memories of London are fresh in my mind. Exactly one year back on this very day I was flying back to Mumbai from London.

When you have little of it, time flies faster than a Concorde. A lot has happened in this one year, and I don’t have time to write all about it. I still haven’t written that big post about Kodachadri trek, which I promised earlier.

In case you haven’t seen the movie ‘Notting Hill‘. Please do watch it. It’s sweet little romantic movie, with a bit of comedy in it. And it has got, (OMG) Julia Roberts in it.

Weekend Movies

I saw two movies over this weekend. ‘Brother Bear 2’ and ‘Band of Brothers’. Following are the verdicts.

Brother Bear 2‘, Bakwaas. Terrible. Pathetic. Enough Said.

Band of Brothers‘, Ok, I accept it’s not a movie. It’s a 10-part television mini-series by HBO, (Co-produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks). The series is based on World War II stories. The DVD I got had just first 2 episodes, “Currahee” and “Day of Days“. I am yet to watch the “Day of Days”. But, “Currahee”, the first and only episode that I saw was wonderful. It had a good story, great cinematography, nice performance by everyone and suitable music & sound effects. I must watch the second episode tonight. I hope I get the DVDs of other episodes as well on the CD/DVD rental shop near my house. Read more about BoB here.