Office Space

Last night I watched this comedy movie called, Office Space. It’s based on software industry in late nineties. The story is about a guy called Peter who works in a software company, Initech. Basically these guys are fixing the Y2K bug in banking software. The office environment that they have created is quite like Dilbert’s…with typical PHB kind of bosses, clueless consultants, frustrated programmers, pathetic infrastructure (those scenes with printer are my favorite), and full of waste and unnecessary paperwork and processes (like the TPS reports).

I just took a quiz “What Office Space character are you?” and to my surprise it said the following:

You’re a carefree kinda person. you’d gut a fish in
your cubical and still get promated. Way to go!
you just need to ditch the annoying girlfriend.”

LOL..I like it.

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