Madagascar (2005 movie)

Last night I again saw the hilarious movie “Madagascar“. Earlier I have seen this movie on Flight to Dubai. That time I missed some parts of it during the meals and watching a movie on a small screen on the front seat with poor resolution, along with a below average quality (read poor) headphone is not the best way to watch good movies.

So, last night I saw it again on DVD. It’s wonderful, hilarious, funny, entertaining, and it’s tooo good. I love all the scenes with those cute looking penguins (“Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.”). They run from the zoo to go to Antarctica. And ofcourse Alex is also too cute. The song, “I like to move it” is very good, and so is the birthday song:

“Happy Birthday to you;
You live in a zoo.
You look like a monkey;
And you smell like one too!”

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