Rednex show in Bangalore

Rednex was in Bangalore a few days back and I made it sure to be present when they performed at the palace grounds here.

I was in high school when I first heard the song ‘Cotton eye Joe’ and it became one of my favorites that time. Now, when I heard that Rednex is coming to Bangalore for their first ever performance in India, I made it a point to make sure that I attend it, no matter how much work remains pending. So, there I was witnessing the performance of Rednex right in front of me, not more than 30 feet away ( Did I mention that I managed to get the VIP passes). It was fun. The energy; the music; the style, everything was just as I expected from a world-class band.


…and an year goes by

Last week I completed an year with my current employer, and in Bangalore (where it’s my second inning). Looking back, I have got mixed feeling about the year. A lot of good memories and a few bad ones.

An year is over;
An year of new begining, an year in my old playground;
An year of no looking back, an year of regrets;
An year of Solitude, an year of parties;
An year of success, an year of setbacks;
An year of hope, an year of nigtmares;
an year of lavish life, an year of misry;
an year of joy, an year of sad moments;
an year which was so full of diverse emotions
and unusual circumstances that it seems to be
from pages of a nice fiction book…