Ostrich approach

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going“. But when all odds are against you, I believe the smart thing to do is follow the Ostrich approach. That is to hide your head in the sand and wait till the storm gets over.

These days a lot of things are not going right for me. To name a few things going bad:

1. One fine day, my latest wristwatch stopped working. This was my favorite and quite an expensive one, which I brought from Europe.
2. My Speaker system stopped working.
3. The UPS for my PC started behaving crazily. It beeps now and then for no sane reason. As if, shouting at me for using it 26 hours a day, 8 days a week. It now turns off itself at its pleasure random intervals of time.
4. I lost the key of the drawer in my cubical.
5. An appraisal delayed.
6. I couldn’t find a decent pre-owned bike. When I was not looking, it seems everyone was selling their bikes and moving out of Bangalore. But now, when I am thinking of buying a pre-owned bike, all the response I get to my posts are either 7-10 years old bikes or some over-modified versions of Yamaha (“Circus ka bike“, that’s what Bhabi said when I mailed her picture of one such bike).
7. Can’t find a nice 1BHK. (I moved out of the rented house, which was my home for 10 months, and I am currently staying with few friends. Now, “how difficult it is to find a nice 1BHK?”, You would ask. Very. Yes, try finding one in Bangalore for sub 6K rent).

These are some of the major things not working right for me in less then 1 month of time. After fighting back for some time, now I have decided to follow the Ostrich approach, till the time is right for me.


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