Bonjour readers!

It seems the time has come to get up and going again.
I brought a new cell phone (N70 Music Edition) last weekend, and a new Camera (Canon S3 IS) the week before.

The N70 is a decent phone for its price (Rs 13.2 K in Bangaluru), but its interface seems to be a bit too slow, may be because of Symbian and the applications running on it. Another problem that I discovered is that its screen flickers when I play music on it (Checked on the net, both of these seems to be a common problems faced by other users too). One more small issue with this phone is that its keypad is bit too small. It would have been perfect for a 4-year-old kid, but for a person like me who has gigantic fingers it’s not ergonomic. I can cover the whole keypad with just 2 fingers. Anyway, apart from these issues, the phone is fine. It has got 1 Gig of memory (on card, which came in standard bundle with phone), Symbian OS, decent MP3 player and an FM Radio, along with a 2 MP camera, and another small camera for video calls. Today, everyone in office who noticed the new phone in my hand asked about it. Nice to know that so many people notice the phone I am carrying.

The new camera (Canon S3 IS ) is the Kelvinator in it’s range (I mean, it’s the coolest one :-). Although, I haven’t explored all its features yet. Still I could feel the power, clarity and flexibility of it in the brief usage. BTW, this one is my third Digi Cam. I have previously used a 3MP Kodak and a 5MP Nikon, and compared to those tobu cycles this one is a Land Cruiser. I still need to buy a 2GB memory card (16 MB that came with it was a joke) and a good Camera case for it as I can’t keep this beauty in the plastic bag forever). Once I have both of these, I will be clicking again.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on earlier posts.

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