Yesterday, was an interesting date “07-07-07” (7th July 2007).

In a ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal (where Bips was one of the anchor!!) they declared the results of new7wonders poll. Taj Mahal, ofcourse made it to top 7 and so did the Great Wall of China. Among the ones left out, to my disappointment includes Pyramids of Giza and Eiffel Tower. This made me think of the dominance or the power of these two countries. India and China being the two most populated countries can influence almost any polls.

India is estimated to have over 600 million mobile subscribers in next 5 years. That means 1 in 2 people in India will have a mobile phone. That’s a huge number, and Indian love using SMS (text messaging) to participate in polls or contests; even if sometimes that SMS costs them 6 times of a normal SMSes cost. I remember getting shocked when people sent millions of SMSes to vote and choose a singing talent (to be named Indian Idol) on a TV show with the same name. But, that’s not enough.

There’s a huge population out there, ready to vote for anything and everything. Mobile companies and TV channels are making huge money out of it. With the new high-end mobiles getting more and more affordable I believe there is still a lot more potential left in areas like mobile gaming and multimedia content delivery.
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