Trip to Mysore

Last weekend, I visited Mysore (Mysuru) as a tourist. The trip was very much unplanned for me. Actually one of my friends was going and they had a place in the cab. He asked me if I would be interested to join and I jumped in.

We stared early morning to reach Shivasamudram waterfall and then visited Sriranagapattana (which was once the capital of Tipu Sultan) where we saw Darya Daula Bagh (Tipu’s Summer Palace), Gumbaz (Mausoleum built by Tipu for his parents), Sri Ranganathaswamy temple built in 894 AD, the place where Tipu died and one of the prisons of his time.

In Mysore, besides satying a night in a very luxirous hotel and doing a little shoping (a silk saree for my Mom. See I am good boy 🙂 ) we visited St. Philomena’s Church, Chamundi Hill, Bull temple, Mysore Palace, Mysore Zoo, and Brindavan Garden.

But the best part of trip was yet to come. On our way back we decided to check out the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. It’s an amazing place. We were a bit apprehensive while we were going there, and were not expecting to see many birds. But to our surprise we saw many birds including the kinds I have not seen before. Inside the sanctuary there are a few islands on Kaveri River, which are very thickly covered with trees. Most of these rare birds live on these trees as they get natural protection from monkeys and snakes. The guide told use that there are many crocodiles in the river (we happen to see atleast 6), which don’t let monkeys, snakes and other predators cross the river to the islands where these birds live. We took a boat ride around these islands and it was a wonderful experience seeing so many different verities of birds living in there natural habitat (and not in the zoo cages).

My recamondation to anyone going for a Mysore trip.

  1. Don’t goto Brindavan Garden. It was very, very and very crowded. I believe there were more people there at that time then you would find in Eden Garden during an  India-Pak Cricket match. And more importantly it’s damn boring. If you are interested in Musical fountains then visit the one in Bangalore, that’s much better.
  2. Do visit Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary and don’t miss the boat ride there. It’s worth more then the money (Rs.25) they charge for it.