Sunday TV Conspiracy

For the un-initiated, “Sunday TV Conspiracy” is a conspiracy theory floated not so long ago by yours truly, which says that on any given Sunday there would be hardly anything worth watching on the television. Yes, you read it right…there is a conspiracy going on with most the TV channels involved in it, which forces people to not-watch TV on Sunday, the day when most people have most free time at home.

The motive for the conspiracy is still unclear, but you notice even the spicy news channels would be like aalo-ka-sabzi (fried potato) without namak-mirch (salt and pepper) on Sunday. Some of them will be repeating the same news that you have already seen through the week. It seems like nothing much happens on Sundays, or all their over-excited news reporters (who would even report how many chapaties Mrs. Aishwarya Bachhan eat) takes a day off on Sunday. The cartoon channels tries to became the HBO on weekends and broadcast repeat telecast of the Harry Potter movies that you have seen 108 times already. The Movie channels having shown all the big movies on Friday and Saturday nights won’t have anything interesting to show on Sundays. The so called “entertainment channels” are not worth watching on weekdays, so forget about watching them on a Sunday.

Probably the only interesting stuff on Sunday on TV is F1s and other sporting events of the season like Wimbledon, Premiere League, or the finals of some Cricket series. I think that the sports channel have refused to be part of the Sunday TV Conspiracy.

But me being not very interested in sports and being fully aware of this conspiracy took a precautionary measure and asked my friend to book ticket for the movie ‘Aaja Nach Le‘, so that I won’t be at home on Sunday sitting in front of that Idiot Box and being one.

The movie is just another average movie. But the performances of Madhuri, Kunal and Konkona are good. The story is very predictable and the songs are average. Coming to the songs, although the songs are average and no one would be listening to them second time after the movie, but our dear political leaders in few northern states, instead of doing the public work like trying to get those roads/dams/water canal/telecom infrastructure/schools/hospitals made decided to make noise about a line in one of the songs of this movie. I heard the whole song in the theater but could not make out anything objectionable in it…until my friend pointed out the line, which in my opinion was in no way derogatory to anyone. Still these great Indian politicians are trying their luck hard to create a controversy out of nowhere and helping theaters get more crowd for the movie…good luck to them, atleast it’s good for the movie producers and the theaters.

One Response to “Sunday TV Conspiracy”

  1. Lavanya Says:

    Too good. very true.

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