The year that was…

The year that was…

1. Trip to Goa/Gokarna/KArwar
2. Trip to Mysore
3. Track to Kumarparvata
4. Trip to Humpi
5. Trip to Munnar and Allepy
6. A day at Wonder-la
7. Trips to back home

Watched tons of Movies in 2007.
Best movies : Chek De!, Manorama 6 feet under,
Worst Movies : Shoot them up

Notable books/authors read: Anne Frank, Conan Doyle, Rowlings, Tolkiens, Feyman.

Got the promotion, hike and bonus.

The usual better Camera, higher end mobile, Clothes, shoes etc.

Goals Missed
1. Not yet brought a house
2. Not yet brought a vehicle

Vision for 2008
1. Buy a house
2. Move ahead in career more aggressively
3. Buy a vehicle
4. Visit Ladakh/Himalayas
5. Buy a gaming console
6. Restart running/exercising

Wishing you all a very happy new year….Have a wonderful life in year 2008.

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