Mobility won

After doing a careful analysis of the agenda of both the events I decided to go for the Mobile Developer conf. Ofcourse the fact, that the venue was just 2 KMs away from my home compared to about 5 KMs for the World Usability Day event, did influence my decision. But at the end of the day I feel I made a good decision.

Being a rainy day here in Bangalore, I was expecting rains in the morning. But thankfully it didn’t rain today, although dark clouds covered the sky for the full day. I reached the venue just on time, expecting a huge crowd turnout. But there was not much of the crowd early in the morning. The crowd began to pore in through the day and by the lunch time the auditorium was almost full.

Morning sessions were more concentrated on business and some were pure marketing presentations (like the one from Forum Nokia).

The sessions after the lunch were nice and technical. I specially liked the session on LBS (Location Based Services) by Vishnu Sunderam, CTO of Interchain Solutions and one the about SMS based applications.

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