To Mom…

Wish you a very Happy and safe journey, Maa.


A New Day, A New Beginning

This new year I am doing few new things. I bought a vehicle to commute to office which is approximately 4 KMs from my home. I moved into a new apartment this one is lot better then the place I was staying earlier. The place is quite and calm, the house is neat and has more facilities. I also started working on a new venture in my free time, which is very rare as my day job is keeping me too much occupied with a major release due in a months time.

The side project is not too big nor is too technical, but I am sure it would be a good learning experience for me and my friend, with whom I am working on this project. It will give us some insights of user expectations and the way they interact with the interface. It will be a web based utility and I want to do it with DHTML and AJAX to make the interface smooth and cool….that’s when I realized that I suck both in HTML and JavaScript:(. Anyway, I am making some progress and I believe we will be good to go in a months time. That’s much more than my initial estimate…but it’s better late then never….