Kya Khooya ? Kya Paaya ?

Howdy ! Posting after a very long time…and if you are really close to me you know the reason.

Anyway, coming back to the topic of this post. This new year eve, people around were busy partying, sleeping, making resolutions; and i was pondering on 2 questions about past year, ‘Kya Khoya ? kya paaya ?’ (What have I lost ? and what have I gained ?)

Kya Paaya ?
Spirituality, Relationships, Success, Maturity and most importantly those wonderful experiences that I had in the last year.

Kya Khoya ?
Well, I won’t say i have lost, what appears to have been lost. I would like to think that those things are just differed till a better point of time and I would get those or better of those at some point of time.