Sony/MS trying to fuel the entrepreneurial bug in me ?

A few weeks back I got one of my friends to get me a Sony laptop from US of A. The sole reason for buying it from there was the price difference, a hefty 20K INR approx. The model that I got was not available in India and the model with almost the same configuration (but with 1GB lesser RAM) was costing about 64K INR. The laptop is good, with nice screen and decent webcam. Just that the pre-installed Microsoft Windows Vista on it seems to be eating up a lot of resources. I expected the machine to be running realy fast with very low response time and why not, it has 3 GB RAM and Core 2 Duo processor, but Vista like a vampire seems to sucking the life force out of machine.

Still I am ok using the machine with Vista on it atleast for now, as I also have a couple of year old personal Desktop with 1/3rd hardware resources running Ubuntu with excellent performance. I use the desktop extensively. Today I thought of removing some unnecessary things from the laptop to improve the boot time and get some more space on the disk. I started looking for pre-installed useless stuff. After removing a few small softwares I found that my machine had Intuit Quickbooks pre-installed on it. For the uninitiated Quickbooks is an accounting software generally used by small to medium sized firms. Now the point is I have this laptop with Microsoft’s Windows Vista Home Premium edition on it. So, it would be expected for Home use, then why does it comes with an business accounting software pre-installed on it which eats up over 600 MB of disk space. I don’t have a good answer for it. All I can say is Intuite may have paid Micrsoft or Sony to have Quickbooks pre-installed on the machines, it seems they just didn’t bother to check their target audience.

Anyway I am happy removing that software, but for a moment I thought, may be I could have left it there and used it later when, who knows, I would have my own firm.


Jaya EBay !

Around two months back I lost the data cable of my Nokia n70 mobile phone, and Nokia service center was asking astronomically high price for that cable (around 1700 INR / 43USD) see older post. Since then some of you have asked me what did I do? Did I offer the ransom money to Nokia who has taken my phone as hostage, so I could not download and install any new games, themes, ringtones, wallpapers, books, etc on the phone from my PC or transfer any of the picture I have taken from the camera in phone?

Well, the answer is No. No, I didn’t pay Nokia even a single penny (not even a single new Paisa for that matter). Instead I went straight upto EBAY and Searched for the Nokia’s data cable. I found two options available CA-70 and CA-53. The former one has capability of even charging the phone from PC’s USB port. And surprisingly these nice vendors on EBay were charging less then a tenth of what Nokia asked.

So, after looking at the feedback for different sellers, I picked up one in Delhi. Went ahead and placed the order. Zap in 2 days I had the data cable was delivered. No hassle, no extra charge (except for 40INR/1USD as postage and handling, which was explicitly mentioned at the time of placing the order).

I have been using this cable for last two months now, for charging the phone and transferring the data between the phone and PC, and cable is working perfectly fine.

And to Nokia, Thank you; I mean, No Thank you for being such a hijacker.

Bonjour readers!

It seems the time has come to get up and going again.
I brought a new cell phone (N70 Music Edition) last weekend, and a new Camera (Canon S3 IS) the week before.

The N70 is a decent phone for its price (Rs 13.2 K in Bangaluru), but its interface seems to be a bit too slow, may be because of Symbian and the applications running on it. Another problem that I discovered is that its screen flickers when I play music on it (Checked on the net, both of these seems to be a common problems faced by other users too). One more small issue with this phone is that its keypad is bit too small. It would have been perfect for a 4-year-old kid, but for a person like me who has gigantic fingers it’s not ergonomic. I can cover the whole keypad with just 2 fingers. Anyway, apart from these issues, the phone is fine. It has got 1 Gig of memory (on card, which came in standard bundle with phone), Symbian OS, decent MP3 player and an FM Radio, along with a 2 MP camera, and another small camera for video calls. Today, everyone in office who noticed the new phone in my hand asked about it. Nice to know that so many people notice the phone I am carrying.

The new camera (Canon S3 IS ) is the Kelvinator in it’s range (I mean, it’s the coolest one :-). Although, I haven’t explored all its features yet. Still I could feel the power, clarity and flexibility of it in the brief usage. BTW, this one is my third Digi Cam. I have previously used a 3MP Kodak and a 5MP Nikon, and compared to those tobu cycles this one is a Land Cruiser. I still need to buy a 2GB memory card (16 MB that came with it was a joke) and a good Camera case for it as I can’t keep this beauty in the plastic bag forever). Once I have both of these, I will be clicking again.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on earlier posts.

Altec Lansing ATP3 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Brought an Altec Lansing Speaker set last weekend. The performance is decent enough and it’s moderately priced. I got it for 2.8K INR from the SP Road, Bangalore. The features that I like the most is it’s sleek design, and the 3-inch bass driver gives a good output at normal volume, but at very high volume, you can hear the quality breaking away.

Fair enough performance for an average size living room, unless you are not an audiophile.