Happy Birthday Perl

Perl is no more a teenager. Yuppieeeee !!
It turned 20 yesterday, and a new and improved version (5.10) is out to celebrate the occasion.
I hope I won’t have to wait forever to get Perl 6 and Parrot.

And yes, the other day Asok did manage to reincarnate successfully. Thanks to his study of shape shifting at IIT, he no more looks like a Snickers Bar. So, the whole episode of dying and reincarnating was much of an popularity stunt, pretty much on the lines of today’s Indie TV serials.



Asok died today during a test of moon shuttle prototype. He planned to reincarnate into his clone, but unfortunately Carol used the jar containing his DNA as a candy jar. And with Asok the Indian connection to the world’s best comic strip has been broken.

Now, will he somehow come back magically or whether there will be some new character created to take his place as intern is still unknown…

aur aage kya hoga dekhenge Hum Log 🙂

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Crazy Baby

While surfing I stumbled upon this video of a cute baby laughing heartily. It contagious.:)