The new meaning of IT

Yesterday, I had a good luck to see Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in person. Bangalore Mirror, organized a function yesterday at the Kanteerva Outdoor stadium. More then 10000 people turned up, and filled the stadium. Sri Sri was calm and inspiring, he has a very interesting meaning for IT: “Inner Transformation”. Later he led everyone to perform Yoga.

TOI Coverage of the event : Link


A New Day, A New Beginning

This new year I am doing few new things. I bought a vehicle to commute to office which is approximately 4 KMs from my home. I moved into a new apartment this one is lot better then the place I was staying earlier. The place is quite and calm, the house is neat and has more facilities. I also started working on a new venture in my free time, which is very rare as my day job is keeping me too much occupied with a major release due in a months time.

The side project is not too big nor is too technical, but I am sure it would be a good learning experience for me and my friend, with whom I am working on this project. It will give us some insights of user expectations and the way they interact with the interface. It will be a web based utility and I want to do it with DHTML and AJAX to make the interface smooth and cool….that’s when I realized that I suck both in HTML and JavaScript:(. Anyway, I am making some progress and I believe we will be good to go in a months time. That’s much more than my initial estimate…but it’s better late then never….

Third job offer in last two months.

Yes, that’s right, yestered at the Devcamp somebody offered me to work for his company without any interview. Similar things has happened twice before in past two-three months.

This one was from a guy whome I met after a gap of over four and a half year. Not sure what impressed him. But, it really feels good to be in demand ๐Ÿ™‚

Tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi…

Tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi hairaan hoon main
Tere masoom sawaalon se pareshaan hoon main

O’ life I m not angry with you but I am surprised
By the innocent questions of yours I am troubled

jeene ke liye socha hi nahin, dard sambhaalne honge
muskuraayen to, muskuraane ke karz utaarne honge

ย  ‘Never thought, to live I would have to manage sorrows
if smiled, then would have to bear the debts of smiles

muskuraaooN kabhi to lagtaa hai
jaise honTon pe karz rakhhaa hai

When I smile then it seems;
like the smile weigh on my lips like a debt

aaj agar bhar aai hain, boondein baras jaayengii
kal kyaa pataa inke liye aankhen taras jaayengii

Now when the tears flow, I donโ€™t stop them
Who know, tomorrow my eyes would carve for them

jaane kab ghum hua kahaan khoya
ek aansoo chhupaake rakhaa thaa

When have I lost it, where has it gone
One teardrop, which I had saved for long

zindagi tere gham ne hamein rishte naye samjhaaye
mile jo hamein dhoop mein mile chhaon ke thanDe saaye..

O’ life, your sorrows have taught me new relationships
I have found all cool shadows in hard burning suns

— Gulzar

Film: Masoom (1982); Singer(s): Lata Mangeshkar, Anup Ghoshal


Yesterday, was an interesting date “07-07-07” (7th July 2007).

In a ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal (where Bips was one of the anchor!!) they declared the results of new7wonders poll. Taj Mahal, ofcourse made it to top 7 and so did the Great Wall of China. Among the ones left out, to my disappointment includes Pyramids of Giza and Eiffel Tower. This made me think of the dominance or the power of these two countries. India and China being the two most populated countries can influence almost any polls.

India is estimated to have over 600 million mobile subscribers in next 5 years. That means 1 in 2 people in India will have a mobile phone. That’s a huge number, and Indian love using SMS (text messaging) to participate in polls or contests; even if sometimes that SMS costs them 6 times of a normal SMSes cost. I remember getting shocked when people sent millions of SMSes to vote and choose a singing talent (to be named Indian Idol) on a TV show with the same name. But, that’s not enough.

There’s a huge population out there, ready to vote for anything and everything. Mobile companies and TV channels are making huge money out of it. With the new high-end mobiles getting more and more affordable I believe there is still a lot more potential left in areas like mobile gaming and multimedia content delivery.
Any Venture Capitalists reading this post ? Contact me at… ๐Ÿ™‚

Ostrich approach

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going“. But when all odds are against you, I believe the smart thing to do is follow the Ostrich approach. That is to hide your head in the sand and wait till the storm gets over.

These days a lot of things are not going right for me. To name a few things going bad:

1. One fine day, my latest wristwatch stopped working. This was my favorite and quite an expensive one, which I brought from Europe.
2. My Speaker system stopped working.
3. The UPS for my PC started behaving crazily. It beeps now and then for no sane reason. As if, shouting at me for using it 26 hours a day, 8 days a week. It now turns off itself at its pleasure random intervals of time.
4. I lost the key of the drawer in my cubical.
5. An appraisal delayed.
6. I couldn’t find a decent pre-owned bike. When I was not looking, it seems everyone was selling their bikes and moving out of Bangalore. But now, when I am thinking of buying a pre-owned bike, all the response I get to my posts are either 7-10 years old bikes or some over-modified versions of Yamaha (“Circus ka bike“, that’s what Bhabi said when I mailed her picture of one such bike).
7. Can’t find a nice 1BHK. (I moved out of the rented house, which was my home for 10 months, and I am currently staying with few friends. Now, “how difficult it is to find a nice 1BHK?”, You would ask. Very. Yes, try finding one in Bangalore for sub 6K rent).

These are some of the major things not working right for me in less then 1 month of time. After fighting back for some time, now I have decided to follow the Ostrich approach, till the time is right for me.

Just be there and listen…

Sometimes, the best thing that you can do is, just be there when someone needs you and listen patiently when someone’s talking to you. That’s more than enough sometimes.

Just be there and listen.