Sony/MS trying to fuel the entrepreneurial bug in me ?

A few weeks back I got one of my friends to get me a Sony laptop from US of A. The sole reason for buying it from there was the price difference, a hefty 20K INR approx. The model that I got was not available in India and the model with almost the same configuration (but with 1GB lesser RAM) was costing about 64K INR. The laptop is good, with nice screen and decent webcam. Just that the pre-installed Microsoft Windows Vista on it seems to be eating up a lot of resources. I expected the machine to be running realy fast with very low response time and why not, it has 3 GB RAM and Core 2 Duo processor, but Vista like a vampire seems to sucking the life force out of machine.

Still I am ok using the machine with Vista on it atleast for now, as I also have a couple of year old personal Desktop with 1/3rd hardware resources running Ubuntu with excellent performance. I use the desktop extensively. Today I thought of removing some unnecessary things from the laptop to improve the boot time and get some more space on the disk. I started looking for pre-installed useless stuff. After removing a few small softwares I found that my machine had Intuit Quickbooks pre-installed on it. For the uninitiated Quickbooks is an accounting software generally used by small to medium sized firms. Now the point is I have this laptop with Microsoft’s Windows Vista Home Premium edition on it. So, it would be expected for Home use, then why does it comes with an business accounting software pre-installed on it which eats up over 600 MB of disk space. I don’t have a good answer for it. All I can say is Intuite may have paid Micrsoft or Sony to have Quickbooks pre-installed on the machines, it seems they just didn’t bother to check their target audience.

Anyway I am happy removing that software, but for a moment I thought, may be I could have left it there and used it later when, who knows, I would have my own firm.


Mobility won

After doing a careful analysis of the agenda of both the events I decided to go for the Mobile Developer conf. Ofcourse the fact, that the venue was just 2 KMs away from my home compared to about 5 KMs for the World Usability Day event, did influence my decision. But at the end of the day I feel I made a good decision.

Being a rainy day here in Bangalore, I was expecting rains in the morning. But thankfully it didn’t rain today, although dark clouds covered the sky for the full day. I reached the venue just on time, expecting a huge crowd turnout. But there was not much of the crowd early in the morning. The crowd began to pore in through the day and by the lunch time the auditorium was almost full.

Morning sessions were more concentrated on business and some were pure marketing presentations (like the one from Forum Nokia).

The sessions after the lunch were nice and technical. I specially liked the session on LBS (Location Based Services) by Vishnu Sunderam, CTO of Interchain Solutions and one the about SMS based applications.

Usability or Mobility is the question ?

The SmartTechie Mobile Development Conference and the Usability Professionals Association’s ‘world Usability Day 2008’ event are on the same day. Both are full day events.

Which event should I attend tomorrow is the question ?

Links :
World Usability Day :
Mobile Developer Conference (Bangalore) :

Firefox crossed the 500 Million Download. w00t

Firefox crossed the 500 Million Download. w00t

Also Firefox 3 beta 3 is out, which as per the reviews is faster and takes lesser resources. I still can’t move to FF3 as many from the huge number of Addons I use are not yet supported on FF3. They will be supported in due course of time. Till then FF2 is doing a decent job.

Way to go FF!!!

Third job offer in last two months.

Yes, that’s right, yestered at the Devcamp somebody offered me to work for his company without any interview. Similar things has happened twice before in past two-three months.

This one was from a guy whome I met after a gap of over four and a half year. Not sure what impressed him. But, it really feels good to be in demand 🙂

Happy Birthday Perl

Perl is no more a teenager. Yuppieeeee !!
It turned 20 yesterday, and a new and improved version (5.10) is out to celebrate the occasion.
I hope I won’t have to wait forever to get Perl 6 and Parrot.

And yes, the other day Asok did manage to reincarnate successfully. Thanks to his study of shape shifting at IIT, he no more looks like a Snickers Bar. So, the whole episode of dying and reincarnating was much of an popularity stunt, pretty much on the lines of today’s Indie TV serials.