Bangalore ka sweets, Bangalore main

S was in town last week, to attend a wedding. She informed me long back that she would be coming to Bangaluru. But as usual I forgot the dates, and didn’t bother to call/mail to check. Anyway one fine day, she called me at around 7 PM, and told me that she’s in town for last few days and is going back that very day to Mumbai. Anyway, we decided to meet at Airport at 10:30. Her flight was at 11:30.

It was really nice to see her after such a long time. And I m sure she also felt the same way to see me, for I could see that genuine happyness in her eyes. She had brought some (very nice) sweets for me. “Bangalore ka sweets, tujhe Bangalore main hi de rahi hun“, that’s what she said while handing me that Mithaai ka Dabba. Sweet sweets.


Rednex show in Bangalore

Rednex was in Bangalore a few days back and I made it sure to be present when they performed at the palace grounds here.

I was in high school when I first heard the song ‘Cotton eye Joe’ and it became one of my favorites that time. Now, when I heard that Rednex is coming to Bangalore for their first ever performance in India, I made it a point to make sure that I attend it, no matter how much work remains pending. So, there I was witnessing the performance of Rednex right in front of me, not more than 30 feet away ( Did I mention that I managed to get the VIP passes). It was fun. The energy; the music; the style, everything was just as I expected from a world-class band.

Hampi! here I come…

I am off to Hampi tomorrow morning for a 3 days trip.
We will gonna have lots of fun…

Marathon listening of Ronan Keating songs

I have been listening continuously to Ronan Keating‘s songs for last two day except for when I was asleep and when I went out for food. Now I remember many of his songs by heart. I just can’t stop listening to these beautiful songs. I don’t do such things often, but sometimes I just can’t resist being crazy πŸ™‚

Notting Hill

I was at Landmark (it’s a Books, CDs, DVDs Shop) last weekend. While browsing through the DVDs, I saw a DVD of the movie ‘Notting Hill’ and for a moment I went back to Notting Hill, London. I felt as if it was yesterday when I was there. I still remember that fun filled, colorful Notting Hill carnival. It’s exactly a year today since I came back from UK, but still the memories of London are fresh in my mind. Exactly one year back on this very day I was flying back to Mumbai from London.

When you have little of it, time flies faster than a Concorde. A lot has happened in this one year, and I don’t have time to write all about it. I still haven’t written that big post about Kodachadri trek, which I promised earlier.

In case you haven’t seen the movie ‘Notting Hill‘. Please do watch it. It’s sweet little romantic movie, with a bit of comedy in it. And it has got, (OMG) Julia Roberts in it.

Birthday treat @ Le Meridien

We (my team at work) went to Le Meridien today for Lunch. Actually, it was the long pending Birthday treat from 11 of us, including me :-). The food was good, but it was damn expensive. I don’t understand why food in these five-star hotels is so expensive. Just imagine a bottle of water at the price of Rs. 146…

NASA use Apple computers ?

Few days back, I was at the local Apple center at the Forum Shopping Mall in Bangalore to check out the new IPod Shuffle. While there I overheard one of the sales guys telling a prospective customer, that all the computers in NASA are from Apple Computers. I am not sure how true it is.

True or not, it’s a hell of line to impress any customer πŸ™‚